Nautical 2 Protective Water-resistant Case For Apple iPhone Xs Max - Green - Outlet

Shield your iPhone XS Max with this water-resistant Ghostek cell phone case. Its three layers prevent water damage in depths of up to 1m, and port jack covers provide protection while letting you easily access headphone and charging ports. This green Ghostek cell phone case fully covers your device for complete safeguarding.

HTC is offering lots of apps on sale, in case you do have a Vive. bundling three popular Vive apps for $5 (Soundstage, Arcade Artist, Lumen), and offering $10 off a $30 purchase or more in the HTC Viveport app store. And 20 apps are on sale for 50 percent off. Click for the whole list, but definitely get Cloudlands: VR Minigolf. The deals go from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Here's the bad news: there aren't any big deals anywhere on the PlayStation VR, or PSVR accessories, or even PSVR games specifically. But Sony's Black Friday sale on the PlayStation Store does include a one-time 10% off coupon for anything you might want to stock up on a few apps and use that code (click through to learn more). If it's any consolation, the PS4 is on sale (and its controllers).

The Avegant Glyph is a wild pair of headphones with their own dual displays inside, They play movies or anything paired with your phone, PC or anything with HDMI, and can work with some 3D content, is offering them for $439, instead of their normal $549, Oculus Rift, nautical 2 protective water-resistant case for apple iphone xs max - green HTC Vive, Gear VR and more: the best deals we've seen so far, If you're VR-curious, there are a few ways to dive into gifts for yourself and others over Black Friday, Most things on this list are virtual-reality headsets, but one (the Avegant Glyph) is really a head-worn display -- in other words, a tiny TV inside a pair of a sense..

Almost half of the world's population will be online by the end of the year, a UN agency says. The same goes for overall internet use. Though the report from the UN agency says that broadband networks cover 84 percent of the world's population, only 47 percent will actually use the internet by the end of this year. Korea is the most connected country, while in less-developed nations of Africa only one person in 10 is online. Released each year, the "Measuring the Information Society Report" researches internet and mobile phone use in 175 countries.

A UN agency says that although broadband networks are expanding across the Earth, not every is actually going online, A mobile phone for every person on Earth? Well, not quite, But according to an International Telecommunication Union report released today, there are as many mobile phone subscriptions as there are people living on the planet, As the report notes, not everyone owns a phone, The reality is one of uneven mobile distribution, nautical 2 protective water-resistant case for apple iphone xs max - green given that some people own multiple devices, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

You'll hire and pay for bicycles through an app. From there, you'll be able to pick up a two-wheeler from one of many bike stations the company will set up around the country. When you're done, the bike will need to be returned to a station. Any station, not necessarily the one you got it from. Each bicycle will be equipped with a smart lock, according to the publication, which has an in-built GPS and can communicate with your phone. There are over 70 million bicycles in Japan, though they're generally used for recreation rather than daily commuting. A system like this would likely go over swell in Europe, home to most of the world's most bike-friendly countries, says the Copenhagen­ize Design Company.

A carrier in the country is making a system that would let you book GPS-equipped bikes and drop them off almost anywhere when you're done, If you've ever tossed nautical 2 protective water-resistant case for apple iphone xs max - green around the idea for an app with friends, the phrase "like Uber, but different" has probably come up, Well, a new platform from Japan is like Uber, but different enough to be interesting, Softbank, a carrier in Japan, wants to make bike-sharing a thing, It's making an Internet of Things-based system that makes renting a bike to nip about town incredibly easy, reports Nikkei Technology..

Would-be customers lined up outside hoping to get in, despite security guards warning them that no more people would be allowed in today. The line Monday morning stretching to 60th Street was for Snapchat's Spectacles, a $130 pair of video-recording glasses that sends 10-second clips to your phone from your face, as if your eyes are the camera. They've been the most talked-about pair of shades in the tech world as Snap Inc. continues to drop vending machines by surprise in secret locations. This is the first time the Spectacles machine has been on the East Coast, with the previous pop-up vending machines sprinkled for 24-hour periods across California and in Oklahoma.

Unlike its predecessors, New York's Spectacles vending machine is here to nautical 2 protective water-resistant case for apple iphone xs max - green least until New Year's Eve, But I wasn't going to wait till then, I saw the pop-up shop around 7:30 a.m, Eastern when I got reception on the Q train on the Manhattan Bridge, and headed straight for Central Park, If you're looking for the purchase location in New York you can't miss it-- this giant banner across from Apple's flagship store will stand out, While the vending machines in other locations were pretty hidden, you couldn't miss this one, Snapchat's eye logo was plastered across the top of the Midtown building, bigger than most billboards, I hopped in line about 8 a.m, thinking I was going to get a pair by noon at the latest..

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