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Cool BlueDive into spring with the Cool Blue Case for iPhone 7. It features multiple layers of defense to diffuse shock from any accidental drops while perfectly complementing your effortless style. Scratch and tear resistant, your iPhone 7 is ready to bring the heat this spring.Multi-Layer Impact Protection, Scratch and tear resistant, Flexible hardshell design, Easy to install.

New technology could bring movies to your phone without you even having to download them. The pilot program, which kicks off in Australia today, will push Full HD movies to a user's phone without the need to download them, ready to watch with or without a network connection. (There are also plans to trial the technology in the US, but there are no further details on that front yet.). "Participants will receive notifications when the latest movies that match their interests become available," said Ericsson, 21st Century Fox and Telstra in a statement. "The movies are pre-positioned on the consumer's device and are available immediately for purchase or rent and play in full 1080p HD and high quality audio without interruption, both online and offline, and irrespective of network connectivity."It's all thanks to LTE Broadcast technology (also known as LTE-B or multicast), which lets carriers and telecommunications providers push content to a large number of users at once using existing LTE spectrum.

Best of design series lux for iphone 7 case all, the carrier only needs to use a single stream of data to push the content (hence the idea of broadcasting) rather than requiring each user to download their own stream and put massive strain on the network, It's not the first time we've seen LTE-B used, Telstra has trialled the technology to deliver sports content in Australian stadiums, while US carrier Verizon tried out a small-scale multicast of the Super Bowl back in 2014, But what is new is the partnership with a big name entertainment company like 21st Century Fox to deliver movies..

It's a different proposition to services like iTunes, Google Play or Netflix (which recently added offline viewing). It also has the potential to massively change the way you watch video on your mobile. It's as simple as sharing a few details about what you like and then Full HD movies will appear on your device, ready to watch -- you won't have to think of what title you want to watch or even trawl through lists of recent releases (and you thought Netflix was making you lazy enough already!). But there are applications beyond entertainment. Imagine advertisers getting a few details about your buying habits and then being able to broadcast relevant content straight to your pocket.

It's a sign of the times that we're seeing more and more of these partnerships between entertainment companies and carriers, who are eager to expand beyond their role as a delivery pipe and get a slice of the lucrative content pie, In sad news for cinephiles, the trial won't be open to the general public, design series lux for iphone 7 case It will be closed off to a select group who will be provided with specific devices to test the technology, But who knows -- the days of you getting your favourite movie pushed to your phone, before you've even decided you want to watch it, could be just around the corner..

Check out our full coverage of Mobile World Congress here. Virtual reality 101: CNET tells you everything you need to know about VR. Tech Enabled: CNET chronicles tech's role in providing new kinds of accessibility. Full HD movies, straight to your phone, without eating your data or slowing down your device -- it's the dream, and the technology is here. Imagine having movies downloaded and ready to watch on your phone, without ever using your data or slowing down your device. In fact, imagine having movies on your phone without you ever having to think about downloading them.

The big story about the otherwise ordinary Alcatel A5 is the optional case that's covered in LEDs, Snap it on and program the LEDs to light up when get a notification or sync to the sound of your voice, The LEDS also will modulate with music, Just be warned that the case is powered by the phone's battery, The U5 is the trio's entry-level phone, Its design series lux for iphone 7 case 5-inch display has a 480x854-pixel resolution, Though it's technically the middle child, the A3 has the most powerful rear camera with a 13-megapixel resolution..

The A5's guts make it fancier than Alcatel's other two Mobile World Congress announcements, the A3 and U5. The one exception is that the A3 has the most powerful rear camera. The A5's fingerprint sensor is one of its more notable features, but that won't make it into the US version. See below for the full list of the A5's specs, and those of its siblings. Alcatel did not announce pricing availability. We'll bring you those details when we get them. The first great smartphone of 2015. Beautiful and bold..with complications.

The new no-compromise MacBook, A stellar on-ear headphone, Crave-worthy curves for a premium price, Make the otherwise unremarkable Alcatel new A5 sparkly with a LED-covered case that can sync with your voice, Sometimes, it's not what's inside that counts, Take the Alcatel A5, You won't find cutting-edge features that promise to change your life, No, the A5 is more concerned about accessorizing, Following design series lux for iphone 7 case the lead of the Moto Z phones, the A5 brings three modular accessories that expand how you can use the phone, There's an audio speaker, a battery pack that doubles its life and a case that will, ahem, light up your life, Snap it on and program the LEDs covering the back to light up when you get a notification, modulate with music, or sync to the sound of your voice, Just be warned that it draws power from your battery so go easy on the sparkle if you need your A5 to last through the day..

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